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Welcome to Kuldeep Engineering Works

is eastablised in faridabad, 1996. Specialize in Progressive Stamping Dies. With 20 years of wedm, and vmc machining experience, we are able to make your desired mold with different lamination styles, such as auto-stacking, auto-skewing, along with different mould material like high speed steel and Carbide. The skewing methods are available by skewing gear or motor controlling.

The company possesses precise equipments, such as SODICK WEDM , FANUC WEDM, precision machining center made by BFW , KENT SURFACE GRINDER ,MOORE JIG BORING & hundreds of manufacturing and testing instruments , 3D-Coordinates measuring and universal tool microscope.

We know progressive stamping dies and lamination better than others in India. Reliabilities, Quality, Customers Satisfications, Innovations and speedy feedbacks are our promises and responsibilities to all our clients. We are looking forward your kindly business and hope to meet all customers abroad.

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